At Sharp Management & Consulting we provide two different program types. They both begin with a comprehensive Business or Practice Analysis in which we establish what areas when exactly addressed will result in a greatly improved condition in the business and what that owner needs to do to accomplish their business goals.

Consulting Programs

If a consulting program is what is best for your company then you are started on a tailor-made program just for your situation.  You will have weekly consulting, as much as needed, to go over every area from collections, production, hiring new staff, getting new clients or patients, etc. 
You will be given the data and instruction on what to fix and how to accomplish this.  In a very short time you will be able to see the changes and the expansion happening in your business.
At some point during your consulting program, if it is needed and wanted, you will also get an office/business visit.  Ed Sharp comes to your office and does an intensives training for you and your staff so everyone is on the same page, trained on how to accomplish the business goals from whatever position they hold.
There are different consulting programs available, again based on what is needed for your specific company and situation.  What program(s) would be best for your situation will be addressed after a full business analysis is completed.

Management Programs

In this program the data and instructions would be determined as needed by your company to succeed.  The difference in this type of program is the handling of areas in your business would be more hands on, where areas on your business are directly managed until improvement is obtained. Ed would help to actually manage the company to get it up to a condition of being very prosperous.  The office visits and staff training would be more frequent.
Eventually you will end up directly handling any areas of inefficiency such as time management, sales, patient or client control, office layout, marketing, etc. 
The reason the programs are designed as they are is we found that there is not just one problem in any clinic or business that is not achieving its goals.  These inefficiencies act like calcium deposits in a pipe.  When you push too much water through the pipe it will burst and no water will come out the other end.  If you remove the deposits first, then put the pressure on, the result will be a greatly increased flow without a mess to clean up.

Our programs remove the inefficiencies.  As a result you have increased production with less stress and less time involved.  Additionally you would have more income for you and the office/clinic and more time off to enjoy it.
You will also get the bonus of helping more patients/clients than you ever would have been able to before. 
If you would like to talk to someone about Sharp Management results please call us at (727) 669-0655 or email us .

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If you would like to talk to someone about Sharp Management results please call us at (727) 669-0655
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